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Clash series has achieved status as a well-known international line of classic products. Organic and beautiful forms of the series create a stylish and dignified atmosphere to the space. Technically deliberated solutions establish that Clash products are convenient to use. Due to the variety and the extent of the Clash series, high quality interior solutions can be created still maintaining the consistency and the shape of the products through the interior. The Clash range was named after its production method. There are no visible attachments in the seat and legs of the chair, as these are joined to each other by clashing the parts together - hence the name Clash. The solution for linking the chairs in rows is genius in simplicity, creating a feeling of grace and dignified subtlety. Competitions and awards / 2004 First prize, Grand Prix / Mobitex (Clash 231) / 2004 First prize, ADEX Platinum (Clash 231) / 2003 First prize, FX Award ,London (Clash 231)

Clash Collection
clash_231Clash 231

Clash 232

Clash 234

Clash 234R

clash_231Clash 235

clash_231Clash 235s


clash_231Clash 239

clash_231Clash 239AZ
clash_231Clash 237 clash_231Clash 834 clash_231Clash 835 sofatable clash_231Clash 836
clash_231Clash 836r clash_231Clash 837    
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