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Kombu k67/40x32 side table Kombu collection
design Mikko Halonen

In a mobile work a table needs to be easily movable. Kombu k67-side table supports working
in lobbies, offices, cafés and restaurants. It is enjoyable to sit at the light and easily movable Kombu- side table to read e-mails or have a cup of coffee before next meeting. Table has a practical handle for moving the table without any efforts.

Kombu k67- side table has been designed to complement the versatile Kombu collection by Mikko Halonen. Thanks to its nice details and and light look, the table works also as an individual object. The construction of the table with three legs guarantees the stability.

Kombu k67- side table is available in oak or ash, lacquered, stained or painted. Table top material
can be also laminate. Standard table top size is 40 x 32 cm and table height 60 cm. Other table top sizes and table heights are possible in the limits of the stability.













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