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Kombu k68 Bar table Kombu Collection
design Mikko Halonen


Kombu Bar Chair and Table follow the nice details and the pleasant feel of ergonomics which Kombu series is renowned for.
Kombu Bar gives a stylish and sophisticated look in restaurants, cafés and meeting areas. It is nice to enjoy a moment at Kombu Bar
in the middle of the hectic day, meet with best friends or have a relaxed meeting with clients.
Bar Chair comes in two heights (650 and 800 mm), as well as the Table (900 and 1080 mm). As an option Bar Chair has
a seat upholstery and the Bar Table an electric and data unit.
A comfortable sitting position is guaranteed by the foot rests of the Bar Chair and Table which are available powder coated
in standard colors or according to the interior design plan. The wooden frame of the Bar Chair and Table are either oak or ash.

Wooden parts: oak / ash
Surface finishing: lacquer finish or staining according to the color scheme




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