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Tempo collection combines practical and graceful product design with beautiful structural details. Complying with geometric shapes, Tempo chairs surprise with their excellent seating comfort and usability ergonomics. The uniform shape of the wooden, metallic and outdoor chair gives a chance to design different type of spaces to the same environment with the Tempo chairs. The series includes chairs, tables, armchairs and sofas, benches, stools and a coat rack. Usage features and the durability of the materials and structures have been minded in the design of Tempo series. Furniture with distinct shape and structure are suitable for different surroundings.

Tempo Collections

Tempo t33

Tempo t33u

Tempo t35
Tempo t36

clash_231Tempo t37

Tempo t41

Tempo t40

Tempo t49

clash_231Tempo t43

clash_231Tempo t44

Tempo t39 armchair
Tempo t39/3 sofa
clash_231Tempo t50
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