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TEMPO t33u OUTDOOR CHAIR Tempo Collection

Esthetically and ergonomically designed outdoor chairs are hard to find. Albeit the design of the Tempo chair is light and straightforward, the seating ergonomics has not been sacrificed. Like other Tempo products, t34 outdoor chair is comfortable to sit on for a longer period of time. Waterproof glue has been used when the seat and the back rest has been form pressed from teak veneer. The look of the chair has been lightened with the fluting of the seat and the back rest. Wooden parts have been treated with furniture oil. The frame of the chair has been galvanized and coated with clear matte lacquer. Glides for the legs come as a standard. The chair is stackable.

Standard wood materials: teak
Surface finishing of the wooden parts: oil treatment
Surface finishing of the frame: galvanization and lacquer coating
Accessories: chair trolley
Weight: 6 kg





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